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Welcome to the Chesapeake Wine Society (CWS).

The Chesapeake Wine Society is a local social club based in Bel Air, Maryland. The CWS is composed of members with two things in common, a passion for good wine and the desire to share that passion with good friends.

CWS Membership

Annual dues are $15, and are used to offset the cost of the hall rental for the monthly tastings and to supplement the cost to members of the annual Wine Dinner.

Monthly Tastings

CWS tastings are held on the 2nd Tuesday of the month, January through May, and September through November. Tastings are held at a local church hall, with 5 to 6 wines presented by voluteer members who choose the theme and wines for each tastings. Admission is $17 for members and $18 for guests.

(No Tastings held during the months of the Wine Dinner, Picnic and Christmas Party.)

CWS Wine Dinner

June brings us the highly anticipated CWS Wine Dinner. This event is held at a different regional restaurant each year, and always features a 5 or 6 course dinner with specially selected wine pairings served with each course. This event is always popular with the membership.

CWS Picnic

Everyone loves a picnic, and the Chesapeake Wine Society is no exception. Every July, the CWS has a picnic at the home of one of the members. This fun filled event features food hot off the grill, and culinary masterpieces proudly provided by each of the members. And don't forget the wine! With each member bringing a favorite bottle, there is always a good wine to pair with the wide variety of food choices. The fun is in discovering a new favorite to add to your shopping list.

CWS Christmas Party

It's hard to imagine December without a Christmas Party, and even harder to imagine a party without good friends and good wine. Every December, all 3 ingrediants are combined at the CWS Christmas Party. The party is held at the home of one of the members. As with the picnic, members break out favorite recipies and wines to share with their friends. The club pitches in to provide the main course of beef tendorloins, always fixed to perfection by one of the members. A blind wine exchange is only one of the activities that makes this a bash that no one wants to miss!

Contacting the Chesapeake Wine Society

If you are interested in joining the CWS or attending a Monthly Tasting as a guest, simply send an email to Your email will be directed to the CWS President.